3 (FUN) Ways Of Transitioning Your Toddler From Crib To Bed

The first thing to consider before you begin transitioning your toddler from his/her crib to a bed is whether your child is ready to take this step. Of course, as a parent only you will know whether he or she is ready, but a few things to consider may be:

Whether it is actually needed: Does your child really need to be moved to a bed right now, or can it wait for later?

There may be safety issues, like your child trying to climb out of the crib which is a good indicator that your child is ready for this transition.

Another aspect that you should pay attention to is whether they have had any big changes in their lives recently, like moving to a new house or joining a new playgroup. While it may not seem like much, dealing with a lot of changes at once may upset your child and cause undue stress. In such cases, it is better to wait a little while.

If you think that your child is ready for the next step, then here are a few tips to make this transition easier:

Make it fun

Get them excited about their new bed!

Talk to your child beforehand. Make your talks positive and try to exude as much happy and positive feelings as you can.

This will result in your child seeing this change as a positive one; he or she will absorb some of the happy feelings and see it as an accomplishment.

You can even ask them to choose their own sheets or even their own bed (from options that you pick out).

In this way, you can be assured that they will be eagerly awaiting to use their new bed will all the things they love.

Safety first

As mention earlier, one of the reasons that you may want to move your child from the crib to the bed might be that he or she has started attempting to climb out of the crib.

This can be dangerous as the crib walls are fairly high. Sleeping in a bed means they can get in and out of bed safely.

However, since your toddler is quite used to the walls of the crib, he or she may be at the risk of rolling out of bed in his or her sleep.

Ensure that the bed you buy has some kind of protection against rolling out of bed. In fact, you can also check for any outlets or cavities that are perfect for trapping little fingers and make sure they are covered.

In your child’s room, you can make certain changes like securing the furniture’s to the wall (in order to prevent them from tripping if your toddler decides that it is a fun place to climb).

Make them feel safe

Apart from physical safety, it is quite important for them to feel comfortable in their new room.

One trick is to introduce them to their brand new bed when it’s their nap-time during the day. This can work wonders to put them at ease, rather than leaving them in a new environment when it’s dark.