Springtime means Easter which means celebrating with family, chocolates (so much chocolate) and if you have a kid, Easter egg hunts. Easter egg hunt is a fun tradition that children of all ages love. From our backyards to churches, pre-schools and even the city park, they are able to enjoy this hunt wherever they go! But, for a toddler, the hunt can be quite difficult. The Easter Bunny wants to include the tiny ones, but most of the time (even with the parents nudging them) they have no idea what they’re doing. But, there’s a solution for everything! Here are a few fun and interactive ways in which you can have your toddler join in on the fun:
1.Balloons: Balloons are a sure-fire way to make any event fun! Just grab a few balloons (maybe of spring colours?) and fill them with helium. Tie the balloons with a thin ribbon to plastic Easter eggs (with yummy candy treats). Just scatter the Easter eggs along your yard and watch as the little ones are drawn to the balloons like a moth to a flame. Just make sure the balloon strings are not too long and the toddlers are able to see it.
2.Trails:A great way to guide your tiny ones to their treasures is to lay out little trails that would lead to them. Try printing out little bunny paw prints, and lay them out leading to the different eggs or treasures! Your kids will love knowing that the Easter bunny left a special trail just for them!
3.Use Pictures: Draw or print pictures of the objects or the places where you’ve stored the goodies and give them to your toddler. This is especially great if you’re planning to have the hunt indoors. Watch as the scramble about and have a little picture scavenger hunt!
4.Easter Egg Garden: Make sure you’re kid finds all has goodies by making your own Easter egg garden! Placing Easter egg flowers randomly in your mini-garden will make them easier to find. Simply pull a pipe cleaner through the two holes at the bottom of the plastic Easter egg (most eggs come with them if not, it’s easy to poke holes in them) and twist them together to form a single stem. It’s easy and so pretty!
5.Easter egg Piñata: Easter egg hunts are fun, but breaking stuff is so much better. This idea even works for older kids. Buy an Easter piñata (or make your own) and sit back and enjoy. It not only keeps away the hassle of figuring out the logistics of a hunt but also gives your kid the unbridled joy that comes with smashing objects. You can even opt for mini piñatas (try the cute egg shaped ones) so that each kid can have a lovely goodie box (that they can smash). Fun for all!
Hopefully, with these ideas, the Easter bunny can include the little ones in on all the fun!