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4 Ways For Preschool Prep

If your little one is starting preschool soon, then you’re in the same boat as I am.

It’s a big roller-coaster of emotions, isn’t it? While on the one hand, you are excited for your child to make new friends, enjoy the experience of preschool and of course, reach such a major milestone in his or her life, you may be a little apprehensive about letting them go out into the world all alone.

Don’t worry; it’s a pretty normal reaction that all parents feel. Your child, likely, is going through a number of emotions themselves!

One minute they are excited about their new school, and to finally be a big boy or a big girl, the next, they’re sticking to you everywhere you go because they don’t want to leave you behind. At least, that’s what my kid is doing.

First-time jitters are common for every kid (and their parents!), but it doesn’t have to be so stressful, make it fun instead! Here are a few things that you can do to make sure your child is ready and excited for the big day

Visit their new preschool

Letting your child get used to their new environment while you are with them will go a long way in putting your child at ease when you are not with them.

Ask the school authorities if and when you can visit with your child for a tour. Play with them on the playground and let them roam around with you as much as possible and for as long as possible. These visits will help your child become more confident and comfortable n his or her new surroundings.

Explore the idea of preschool through games

Play pretend to let your child get used to the idea of preschool. Act out saying goodbye to mommy and daddy, greeting the teacher and answer all their questions patiently.

In this way, your child will be more confident in performing these tasks when the big day arrives.

Learn what you can about preschool, together

Another excellent way to explore the idea of preschool is to learn more about them. There are several informative books that are available at most public libraries that talk about preparing yourself to go to preschool and other helpful resources. Make the most of these resources and share them with your child.

Practice self-help games

When they are at preschool they will have to do certain things or activities by themselves. Make sure that they are prepared for them by practicing them at home.

You can make this fun by making games out of them, like who can tie their shoes the fastest, or who can unzip their coat and hang them first. In this way, you can be assured that they will be able to handle themselves in class and won’t need a lot of help.

Children often shy away from asking for help in new environments, so if they are already equipped with the knowledge of how to do what, they won’t be uncomfortable and be more confident.

How To Naturally Manage Stress

Stress is something that everyone deals with, and more often than not it becomes quite hard to cope with the stress. Not all stress is negative and sometimes stress might motivate to complete a task or get the work done, but it undeniably also has a lot of adverse effects on the quality of life. It is quite hard to overcome stress overnight, it is best to just accept that and try to look for more holistic options that will eventually and gradually help manage stress. In this post, we’ll be talking about ways to naturally manage stress instead of using medications. These natural ways of managing stress will ensure a healthier way of living and of course, will have other benefits for a healthier mind and body.


Exercise helps in getting your blood moving, which helps in toxin elimination. Our body often has toxin build-up, which affects the circulation in our body and digestion. Therefore, exercise would help in releasing these toxins from your body and at the same time, it would also help in strengthening muscles and moving the joints. Exercise will also minimize weight gain from stress.


Meditation helps relax the body and increases focus. Meditation has often helped reduce stress and the best part about it is that it does not involve any medication and it also provides time for you to focus on yourself and have time to yourself to clear out thoughts and have a peace of mind. There are various types of meditation to try which you could do for a few minutes before you start your day.


Stretching helps ease the tension out of the body and it might prove to be beneficial to combine stretching with meditation. Stretching is known to relax tight muscles and help move joints. Stretching along with meditation might be a great option as it targets both the body and the mind at the same time, therefore it will help manage stress and help you to relax even better.

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are one of the easiest ways to kick-start your stress-free lifestyle. Herbal teas are easily available and they are also quite cheap. Because of their accessibility, they are a great option to at least start with. You can have herbal teas throughout the day, for instance, you could start your day with a cup of herbal tea or even have a cup before bedtime. There are various different types and blends to select from, you might want to try out various types of or different blends of herbs to find one or a few that you like and which work for you the best.

Eating Well

Eating well and providing your body with enough nutrition is an absolute essential when dealing with stress. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, calcium, potassium, and magnesium are essential and helpful in helping the body cope with stress. Vitamin c is known to boost the immune system, Calcium, Vitamin D, and potassium are extremely vital for bone health and muscle function. And magnesium is helpful in muscle relaxation and nerve function. In addition to eating food that is rich in vitamins, you might also consider taking good-quality vitamin supplements. Do remember to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains as much is possible.

5 (SIMPLE) Ways Of Dealing With Colic

Colic is not fun for the baby or the parents. Seeing your baby wail without being able to do much of anything is not a fun parent experience. You want to do everything that you can to take away the pain, but sometimes it seems next to impossible.

Although the following remedies may not work for you, as each baby is different, I think this is a good place to start. I have curated a list of remedies that have successfully helped me, and even some of my close ones to deal effectively with colic in babies. Here are a few ways to comfort and ease a baby with colic:

Adjust your baby’s milk

No matter if you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, adjusting your baby’s milk can help bring about a huge change. Consult your pediatrician about which milk option is the best if you are formula feeding. If you are breastfeeding it is important to take a step back and analyze your own diet. Try removing caffeine, onions, spicy foods or any other such items which can be irritating to the stomach. Adding something like chamomile to your diet can be beneficial to you as well as your baby. Thus, it is quite important for you to take care of your own diet and not to slack off too much (though it can be tempting when you’re sleep deprived).

Use anti-colic bottles

Anti-colic bottles help minimize the amount of air that the baby takes in during each feeding, as air ingestion leads to the tummy being upset. These bottles are designed to help prevent spit-up, gas, and fussiness. For babies with acid reflux, there are even special formulas that can be paired up with these bottles to help minimize their discomfort. Give these a try if you are at a loss for what to do when your baby keeps on crying nonstop.


Babies are comforted when they are swaddled. Soft blankets can be used for swaddling or you can use ones with Velcro that are specifically made for swaddling babies. They are easy to use on the go and babies won’t be able to get out of it easily. You will have a cute baby burrito and a wailing free home in no time!

Changing the diaper more frequently

Some babies cannot handle being wet even for a few seconds and start wailing immediately. Changing their diaper more frequently brings about quite a bit of improvement. However, diapers can be quite expensive. You can opt for cloth ones as they can be used and re-used many times and will save quite a bit of your money.

Try baby wearing

This remedy also comes with the added bonus of keeping your hands free to use! Babies love to be held close to your chest, it’s warm and comforting to them. Baby wraps keep them snug and tight around your chest and keep your hands free. Now, you can complete most of your housework while cuddling with your soothed and content baby.