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15 Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Early physical symbols are an essential way of confirming whether you are pregnant or not. Are you not sure if you are pregnant? Ask your body and you will know!

Not all women become aware of the signs of pregnancy before several weeks have gone by when they realize that they have missed their first menstrual periods! Even more,  not all women experience the same symbols of pregnancy.

Here are the 15 most prominent symptoms which indicate that you are pregnant!

Increased Appetite

though one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, it cannot confirm whether you are pregnant or not. A deficiency of a particular nutrient can also result in an increase in appetite. You can, however, consider it as a potent sign if you observe it with some other symptoms.

Darker Nipples

A Darker color tone of one’s nipples is considered to be one of the early symptoms of pregnancy. This change can very well ensure you that you have conceived! But it can also be a result of hormonal imbalance and an effect of past pregnancy!

Cramping and blood staining

Blood stains of pink or brown color, almost eight days after ovulation, is a well-trusted sign of pregnancy. This is called as “implantation” and takes place when the fertilized egg is implanted on endometrial lining.

Frequent urination

you are urinating much more frequently than usual. It is likely a symptom of pregnancy. Once the embryo is implanted,  it increases the Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) which results in frequent urination.

Feeling of fatigue

Maybe you haven’t performed any physically strenuous activity, yet you would feel tired and fatigued. You would find everything weary and irritating as you would feel tired every now and then! Nonetheless, continued tiredness can also be due to low energy levels, so, this symptom along with any other symptom of pregnancy can be regarded as an indicator of pregnancy.

Swollen breasts

It is a definite indicator of pregnancy when your breasts are swollen. It is quite similar to the times before menstruation. Due to hormonal changes, the breasts become tender.

Nothing is tasty for you

if your favorite dishes and taste no more please you, then you can be quite sure that you have conceived. You have an altered preference for taste and have a metallic taste in our mouth.

Morning sickness

it is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. The last time you had sex and didn’t use any contraception, and you have this symptom of morning sickness, then you could be quite sure you have conceived! The situation gets more complicated, with the accompanying sense of nausea.

Missed Period

You have regular periods every month but you have skipped them this month. It is the most common symptom that you have conceived. In another case, you have irregular periods almost all time but you feel an increased rate of metabolism in your body now, you should head off to get a pregnancy test done!

Increased sensitivity to odors

The odor of some food items like coffee, fried onions or egg can make a pregnant woman feel nauseatic.  They prefer staying away from places with such odors. The changes in estrogen level in their body bring such effect.

High basal body temperature

if it is more than 18 days that you observe high basal body temperature without signs of any bacterial disease, you might quite be sure that you are expecting!

Unusual sensation

Due to the high surge and differences in hormonal changes in a woman’s body, she might be feeling unusual or distended. This is quite similar to the feeling you get before menstruation.

Abdominal bloating

if you are experiencing abdominal bloating (which you also experience during menstruation), but at a faster rate, then you should take caution. Abdominal bloating along with some other symptoms of pregnancy ensures that you have conceived.

Getting faint

Expecting mothers face this problem quite often in the early days of their pregnancy. Although this can also happen due to fatigue, low energy levels or anemia.


pregnant mothers face problems of constipation which can be due to change in hormone levels. It can also be due to irregular eating habits. If this is accompanied by swollen breasts, nausea or any other symptom of pregnancy, you should go for a test!

If you are facing any of these symptoms, then you should go for a home pregnancy test as soon as possible. If not, consult a gynecologist to confirm your pregnancy!