8 Exercises Which Are Safe And Healthy For A Pregnant Women

Pregnancy doesn’t demand a woman to sit ideal, literally without any physical exercise. In fact, nowadays doctors even ask pregnant mothers to indulge in a safe physical exercise which will not only improve their physical strength but also increase their body flexibility. These exercises also have several positive physical impacts on the woman’s body as well as that for the baby as these exercises ensure better blood circulation and oxygen supply! So, these are the 9 exercises which are safe as well as healthy for a pregnant woman!

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are recommended for every woman who is pregnant as these not only strengthen muscles but also help in controlling muscle pain during delivery.

The greatest advantage of Kegel exercises are that they can be performed anytime anywhere. These exercises help in regulating muscle control which prevents bladder leaks and hemorrhoids. It also prevents several pregnancy-related complications like strengthening of pelvic muscles and bladder control.  They also help in regaining control after delivery.


 It is a complete exercise for the whole body which keeps the mother’s body muscles toned without putting any stress on the body. It also helps pregnant women in performing cardiovascular activities which are healthy for them. It is a wholesome safe and healthy exercise for all expecting women.


 Walking is a healthy exercise for all as it improves our cardiovascular health, improves blood circulation and increases fresh air supply to the body. But one should always wear sports shoes before going for a walk.

Running and Jogging

 Jogging is a well-recommended pre-gestation exercise. Keep your body hydrated while you go for running as you should avoid overheating of your body. Having a proper jogging kit is absolutely necessary. It regulates blood circulation, oxygen supply and keeps our body flexible and active as well.

Bicycling or biking

Bicycling helps in regulating our body weight without putting any stress on it. Go for a stationary exercising bicycle as you won’t have the risk of falling down. Be careful to not over-exhaust your body and bicycle slowly and comfortably.


The Indian art of YOGA has been proven to be extremely beneficial for pregnant women as they not only help in relieving mental stress but also release physical stress and tension. But expecting women should not indulge in any tough postures. Yoga has several benefits for would-be mothers:

  • Increases flexibility
  • Enhanced lubrication of body joints
  • Tones body and offers complete nourishment to the body
  • Offers peace of mind and can help in dealing with mood swings
  • Reduction of fat and can help in reducing the problem of indigestion


 Performing aerobics without proper support from one’s healthcare provider or fitness trainer can be harmful during pregnancy. Although when performed in the guidance of your trainer, it can be really good for your health and can keep you fit. Also, they can help you maintain balance while performing these activities. Trainers also prescribe routines which are easier and helpful for a pregnant woman.


Dancing can also be helpful for pregnant woman as well. You can move your body to tunes at home or gym in presence of a fitness trainer.


  • Do not perform tough muscle building activities.
  • If you are interested in adventure sports like horse riding and mountaineering, then you should stop such activities now.
  • Women who are into physical exercises have an easier delivery.

Ladies!! So start exercising today itself and have a healthy body as well as a healthy baby!

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