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Friday, September 7, 2012


Guess what?  Jake discovered the iPad app I use for drawing posts.


I don't know about you but the first thing I notice is that Daddy is scribbled out in angry black strokes.  Tell me that's not mildly disturbing.

I should have known something was up when Jake and I were driving home from visiting family yesterday and it got real quiet in the backseat as he was playing with the iPad.

The peppy music and bird squawks from Angry Birds had suddenly been replaced by just the peaceful whir of the A/C blowing in the car.  Since we were traveling during the golden hour in Los Angeles when traffic is generally light, I was distracted by the rare and beautiful sight of open road ahead!  (If you don't know when this golden hour is, sorry, I can't tell ya because the more people know, the less golden it is.  It's already a bit more "bronze-ish" these days).   Knowing we weren't connected to the internet meant I didn't have to keep looking over my shoulder, worried that Jake was sending "gjeo slofojie golamojd" type emails from my account.  Or buying something from the App Store or Amazon.  I had also hidden the drawing app in a folder that I thought he'd never find.

Basically, it was the perfect storm for iMischief.

But at least one of his drawings has finally made it to his blog.


  1. Today the drawing app, tomorrow the world!! Go Jake!!!


  2. iMischief... hehe that's great!

  3. ha! That's great! Maybe I'll check that app out for some peace and quiet!

  4. At least he's got meaningful ways of venting out his emotions and thoughts into, and through that you could also help him cope up with what he's going through. You're a good parent to be able to keep a close eye on him. Or maybe the dad could personally patch up issues between them somehow.


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