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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The birds and the bees. Sort of.

by Mom

Having recently turned 4, Jake has reached the age where it's okay to leave him alone for a little while.  Gone are the days where we had to hover over his every move for fear he'd eat grasshoppers, pull down a glass vase or stick his finger in a socket.  You know what?  IT'S NICE!

The other day, we were hanging out in the backyard.

We've had that little birdhouse awhile, a gift from Jake's aunt, but the birds didn't seem to care about it. And by rule of law, a vacant birdhouse goes to the kid who's asking to play with it.

This will keep him occupied for awhile, I thought.  Time to go inside and make a nice glass of tea!

Did I rush to the kitchen, throw open the fridge, slosh tea into my glass and run back out to see if there were any grasshoppers sticking out of his mouth?  No.  I took my time, looked through some mail, put away some dishes and other stuff that I don't even remember.  And you know what?  IT WAS FANTASTIC!  EVEN THE STUFF I DON'T REMEMBER!

As cute as kids are during ages two and three, I don't miss it at all.  I have my memories, my pictures and my aching knees and back to remind me of it whenever I wish.  And even though we still have some tantrums that seem to be left over, age 4 is still a welcome arrival.  The independence, the maturity, the ability to put on his own clothes, the freedom to turn your back for more than two seconds.  Ah...  

But don't worry, I'm not fooling myself thinking we're in the clear.

So anyway, Todd came home and asked where Jake was.

Now it made sense why the birds weren't crazy about it.

By the time we reached the backyard, Jake was already coming to tell me there were "bees" in the top of the birdhouse, and he didn't seem to want anything to do with them.  Click here for the reason.  

I guess you really can't leave young kids alone with any measure of certainty they'll be okay.  But will I do it again?  Yes.

Here's the birdhouse.

It does look like the perfect nook for a wasp nest.

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  1. Oh oh! Poor littles birds, and poor mommy's heart! ;)


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